Intermed 1 starts production of ORGANIC COLD PRESSED OILS in Manolovo.

Sponsoring  and Charity Projects

In the years gone by, Intermed 1 Sole Ltd had involved itself always in promotion services in the region as well as at the national level and could support interesting schemes and projects. In the first place, Intermed 1 Sole Ltd sponsoring measures ensures the promotion of one of the most important Bulgarian folk music orchestras, and similarly supports the famous annual "Rose Festivals" in Kazanlak and the regional "Rose Days".

Intermed 1 Sole Ltd promotes various institutions, like a local kindergarten and in it especially the play area, supports the Orthodox Church and similarly the Muslim Mosques with considerable contributions and spends at least 1% of the annual turnover on charity institutions, and attempts in this manner to fulfil its social obligation in respect of the larger community.