Intermed 1 starts production of ORGANIC COLD PRESSED OILS in Manolovo.


Rose oil and plant material from Bulgaria

Intermed 1 Ltd. is the biggest cultivator, producer and exporter of rose oil and other rose products in Bulgaria, which is one of the world's most important rose-growing nations. Bulgaria's roses are of the very finest quality.

Intermed 1 is one of the world's leading firms in the field of plant extracts, ethereal oils and floral waters.

Intermed 1's experts have more than 30 years experience of the manufacture of rose products and other plant material.

Intermed 1 has its own R&D capacities and meets the strict criteria of organic certification, tested by ECOCERT (Control & Certification Body) of Switzerland.

The Intermed 1 plant has a history going back more than a hundred years. It is situated in Manolovo in the heart of the famous Valley of the Roses in Bulgaria. With more than 220 ha of certified cultivation area and three large distilleries of its own, Intermed 1 Ltd. is today  an established partner for the international cosmetics and perfume world, with many customers around the globe.

The clear priority of the company is the cultivation, processing and marketing of large quantities of plant material, concentrating on the bulk marketing of goods to big industrial users. Intermed 1 supplies oils of various origins from the traditional sources in Bulgaria's Valley of the Roses. Alongside the produce of its own fields and distilleries large quantities of raw material are bought in.

Altogether, roses from 120 different localities are processed and combined to create the unique Intermed 1 rose oil. This variety has a major part to play in the formation of the special aroma of Intermed 1 rose oil. It can truthfully be said that it brings together the aroma of the entire Bulgarian rose garden into one unique rose oil quality

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