Intermed 1 starts production of ORGANIC COLD PRESSED OILS in Manolovo.

Exemplary Consistency - but the Rose is special

Our quality can be seen, smelt and certified. For many years we have been supplying the finest quality direct from Bulgaria's famous Valley of the Roses. Our aromas, brought together from more 100 locations, are unsurpassed.

We guarantee high availability through professional planning and just-in-time provision, using our suppliers where necessary. We guarantee the highest degree of availability in the field of our conventional products. At the same time we are strongly committed to continuing our cultivation of organic produce.

Our prices are realistic and calculated on a basis of fairness, with particular reference to our social obligations towards the whole region.

We regard our delivery agreements as undertakings to be honoured in the traditional manner, and take them very seriously.

Economic importance
With its approx. 220 ha of organically certified cultivated areas and 50 ha of organic cultivation of suitable rose varieties, Intermed 1 is the largest cultivator, producer and exporter of rose oil and other rose products in Bulgaria.